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Wanyifa Titanium Bolt 2pcs M8x40mm Bolts+2pcs M8x20mm Bolts+1pc Caliper Pin With Clip+1pcs Oil Drain Screw+1pcs Oil Pipe Screw for Brembo Modificated Screws Kit 7pcs

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Material: 6AL/4V(TC4)Titanium Alloy,Grade 5
Product: Motorcycle Crab Brake Caliper Bolts Set for Brembo
Color: Titanium/Gold/Rainbow/Burn Blue/Black

Rapid and Stable Braking, 
High Temperature Resistance,
Wear Resistance, 
Short Braking Distance.

Fit for: 
Brembo Small Crab Caliper Bolt Kit,
Motorcycle Caliper Modified Bolt Parts,
Brake Device of Electric Motorcycle.

Package List:
2pcs M8x20mm Flange Bolts
2pcs M8x40mm Flange Bolts
1pc M10 Oil Drain Screw
1pc M10 Oil Pipe Screw
1pc Brake Cliper Pin Screw with R Clip