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Wanyifa Titanium M6 M8 M10 Dome Head Acorn Nuts for Bicycle Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Car

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  • Material: 6AL/4V(TC4)Titanium Alloy,Grade 5

  • M6 Size:Nut Height: 16.8mm/0.66"; Nut Diameter: 13mm/0.51";
  • Drives with 10mm Hex Socket ;Weight: 4.4g/Piece
  • Threaded hole depth: 16mm, thread depth 15mm
  • Pitch:1.0mm

  • M8 Size:Nut Height: 17.6mm/0.7"; Nut Diameter: 17mm/0.67";
  • Drives with 12mm Hex Socket ;Weight: 6.3g/Piece
  • Threaded hole depth: 16mm, thread depth 15mm
  • Pitch:1.25mm

  • M10 Size:Nut Height: 18.8mm/0.74"; Nut Diameter: 20mm/0.787";
  • Drives with 14mm Hex Socket ;Weight: 8.2g/Piece
  • Threaded hole depth: 17mm, thread depth 16mm
  • Pitch:1.25mm

  • This price for only nut.